Older Nico with baby Nico’s personality/temperament uwu


Phil of the Future? More like Phil of the Fuck Me you’re so beautiful


raise ur hand if ur terrified for nicos pov 


I forgot that Jason wasn’t canonically single. He is in fact in a relationship.


i wanted to draw them olderrrrr

i had to repost bc smth was wrong but this is from a while ago ahhhhg

New outtakes from Selena Gomez’s Glamour Woman Of The Year photoshoot 2012

If anyone is wondering why an 18-year-old girl is unironically into Disney Channel, it’s because my parents don’t believe in cable TV so I never had it growing up. Now that I can torrent stuff, I’m pulling a Michael Jackson and making up for my childhood… of missing out on Disney Channel.

That and all the guys on it are really cute and wear skinny jeans more often than not